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Equitherapist/midwife : Get your life and work back on track

Kristien Gielens: certified midwife, equitherapist, coach


Together with my horses, I want to restore the foundations of your faith in life, so you can get to the root of your problems and tackle them.

How do you keep your life in balance when the world is spinning around you? In order to do that, you need a healthy basic confidence that keeps you strong in times of adversity. I believe that, if you recognize and address your inner blockages in time, you will not have to turn to medication or hospitalization.

That is what equitherapy can do for you..

 Individual coaching and therapy

As certified midwifeThe first weeks and months are crucial for the sense of safety, attachment and development of the baby.As a certified midwife, I support mother and child in the aftermath of birth.  

As a certified life coach, I work with adult clients with physical or psychological complaints, to regain their inner strength. In the context of working relationships, I also deal with team issues such as difficult relationships or a lack of communication.

So how does it work? In my consultation room in Kortenberg, we start with an intake interview. Based on that, we decide on what is the best therapy for you: a series of constructive therapeutic sessions, horse coaching or hypnosis. A combination of therapies is also possible.


While working with horses, you learn about yourself..

Horses play a pivotal role in my coaching sessions. In a safe space, you interact with them and receive immediate feedback, making you aware of the effect of your behavior on your environment.

How does that happen?

Horses are "flight animals" by nature. For their own safety, they have become champions of interpreting non-verbal behavior throughout their evolution. They watch what you are doing instead of listening to what you are saying. As a result, a horse will always "mirror" your behavior, so that you the root of your problem is revealed to you. Once this has happened, we can tackle the problem together. And that is when your recovery starts.


As a midwife, I am also trained in clinical hypnosis at the VHYP (Flemish Association for Hypnosis). I work with a scientific group of psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners, midwives and nurses. Our focus in this working group is on trauma and PTTS (PostTraumatic Stress Syndrome), studying what can be the most effective therapy for our clients.


Sometimes it is easier to process problems in a group than alone.
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