A woman's life does not stop when her fertility diminishes. On the contrary, it is the start of a new phase: the menopause or wisdom phase. "Menopause" does not mean that you will become ill. Far from it. But hormones are powerful substances that react strongly to physical and emotional stimuli and affect your entire "being". During the menopause, our hormone balance is upset and that affects you.

Wisdom phase

Letting your feminine consciousness blossom, talking about your true identity and regaining your femininity: those are valuable rituals.
I want to awaken the silent, wise and intuitive part in you: the voice of your own body that we as women have ignored, forced by the image society has of women today. Our female body is our ally, not our enemy. That is why I want to give you the courage to listen to and trust your inner voice.


In my practice as a midwife I combine medical care with advice about nutrition and lifestyle and we discuss what it feels like to be a woman in our society today. Not only do I want to treat your symptoms, I also want to help you change the life that led to your health problems, so that you can start your healing process and work towards a healthy lifestyle. This can be done through individual counseling, horse coaching or participating in a group workshop with like-minded people. Together we decide what is best for you in an intake interview.