pre- and postnatal guidance


As a midwife, I see myself as a "carrycot". The purpose of a carrycot is to protect parents and child, but it symbolizes so much more. Past, present and future are contained in it. My life is strongly connected to nature and I invite future mothers, or mother and baby, to be a part of it. Together with you, I search for the beauty of every day: we enjoy nature together and are grateful for the blessings of life.


Are you worried and restless during your pregnancy? If we address your concerns on time, it increases the chances of a peaceful, normal delivery..
New moms aren't necessarily sitting on a pink cloud either. About 20% of the women who have to adjust their lives to their new family, do not immediately find the right balance. Often, these mothers feel lonely and guilty, without realizing that they are not the only ones going through this. 
A difficult delivery can also leave traces and even cause post-traumatic stress.


Unfortunately, we still don't talk enough about these problems. Talking to a midwife and eliminating your black thoughts is essential: for your child, for your relationship and for yourself as a wife and mother. Together with you and your new family, I want to break that taboo and propose a very practical approach. It starts with an intake interview in my consultation room in Kortenberg. We then determine together what is the best therapy for you: individual sessions or horse coaching.